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Ordained through American Marriage Ministry, Universal Ministries (physical church in Milford, IL), ULC & Open Ministry.
American Marriage Ministries is the highest-ranking & best of the online ordainment options, as they include and welcome Pagan & Wicca faiths within their Non-denominational ordainment credentials.
I have been ordained since 2019, but have performed Commitment ceremonies (unions not recognized by the state) since 2004. 

Professional Affiliations & Platforms

The International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants (IAPWO)
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Professional Wedding Alliance   
The Professional Wedding Alliance (PWA) is a community of wedding professionals bound together by the common interest of growth and improvement through education, outreach to couples, relationship building, and co-op marketing. As a community, we are home to both the seasoned professionals and those just entering the marketplace because, for all of us, there is much to learn and share. Originated in the Chicago area.  

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